1. Friday, June 17, 2011

    last night was diner en blanc. otherwise known as the most magical dining experience of my life. and not just cuz i somehow avoided staining my white-on-white dress/jacket combo. although i would like to take a moment to stop and marvel at this fact. especially when considering i began the night schlepping two white steel chairs, a bottle of champagne, and a tote filled with an uh-mazing three-course meal from le bon marche all around town. stopping every 10 steps or so to rearrange. and praying i didn’t drop the champagne in the process. which i’m proud to say i did not. although i flashed about a hundred people in the process. thanks to my dangerously short dress. you’re welcome to everyone on metro lines 10, 8, and 1 last night between the hours of 19:00 and 20:00! and yet still, i somehow managed to meet up with my friend. who made me look pathetic as she effortlessly carried a bridge table and a shoulder bag filled with dining essentials like oh, say, utensils, a cooling device to keep her homemade sorbet intact until our fourth and final course later in the evening (yeah, that’s right, HOMEMADE sorbet!), and a first-aid kit for all i know! thanks to her, we made it to our final top-secret destination: la cour carree du louvre! 

    we set up our table alongside a few thousand strangers. (and by WE i should say SHE. i spent the majority of our allotted set-up time attempting to separate the two chairs, stuck together with duct tape. i’m useless, i know.) all decked out in blanc. oh, it was a sight to see, mes amis!  i sipped champagne elbow-to-elbow with new friends. and statues. and ate course after course of fancy food in the cobblestoned square. while a jazz band played underneath the midnight blue, rain-free sky, despite the frightful forecast. and people clinked their glasses and waved their napkins with delight. until minuit. when i looked around and realized i was one of the only people left! 

    i had so many holy-shiz-i-live-in-paris moments last night i can’t even count. at one point, when the lights flipped on to further illuminate the beautiful scene, i shared one with the other american at the table. we looked at each other, awestruck, mouths agape. “what movie are we in?!” i wondered. the luckiest americans in paris, last night. fo sho. and we knew it. magique et magnifique! 

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